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A little history…

We have a long and storied career. Gordon Linzner created Space & Time Magazine in 1966 and it still exists as the longest continually published speculative fiction magazine today. Gordon turned the magazine over to another publisher in 2009, but stayed on as Editor Emeritus.

Gordon decided to branch out into publishing books in 1984 when he debuted Chet Godfried’s The Steel Eye, a lively tale of a hard-boiled robot detective. He went on to publish Joe Lansdale (Dead in the West), Jefferey Ford (Vanitas), and John Eric Holmes (Maze of Peril) among many award-winning authors.

In the current century, Gordon published three Bram Stoker Award winners: Linda D. Addison’s Being Full of Light Insubstantial (2007) and Consumed , Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes (2004); and Corinne De Winter’s The Women at the Funeral (2005).

In 2020, Gordon finally decided to retire from publishing and passed on Space & Time Books to his friend and fellow author Faith L. Justice, who already had a small imprint Raggedy Moon Books. She created this site for directly selling the original print runs.


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Thanks for dropping by. We hope you find something to your taste. If you do, grab it, because these are the original print runs. When the inventory is gone, it’s gone! Faith isn’t doing this for the money, but to help Gordon empty his storage space. These books are priced to sell. Don’t forget to check out our sales and coupons.

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